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Getting Ready for Painting and Decoration in City of London

painting services in the City of London

We'll send an expert City of London painting and decorating team to prepare your rooms quickly and efficiently. Your furniture is moved out of reach of paint splashes and your floors covered for protection.

Walls and Ceilings: Sockets and fittings are removed, painters mate is applied to adjoining edges, picture rails or architraves. Scratches are filled and finally the walls are ready for primer if required. Finally three coats of paint are applied, with proper drying time allowed for between them.

Woodwork : Also requires careful preparatory work, this could include removing old finishes, sanding, filling, and sealing joints. Paint or varnish is applied only when the woodwork has been properly prepared.

Standard preparations are included in your quote. For a small additional charge your decorators will also complete plastering, skimming, patching up, or tape and jointing.

Once your decorating work is complete your team will return your home to order by replacing furniture and cleaning up. Then they'll leave you to enjoy your smart new rooms.

City of London Painters Who'll Help You Choose the Right Paints

Broadly speaking, water-based preparations are best for painting walls, while most woodwork paints tend to be solvent based.

In some instances you'll need specialist paints. Your painters and decorators in the City of London will work with metal paints, radiator paints, anti-fungal paints, or products formulated for bathrooms, and kitchens.

You'll always have a choice of finishing effects as well as a full range of colours. Choose anything from flat matt for walls to high gloss for woodwork.

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